Friday, May 27, 2011


Looks like it's back to Infinity Ward for Call of Duty. It sounds like this one has a WWIII or cold war feel to it with the first level "Black Tuesday" being set in Manhattan on the brink of Russian invasion. We still get dedicated servers (who cares about consoles? not me) even though they're locked at lol60fps. Otherwise, it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is going to be exactly what we expected...the same old shi-.

"The gameplay looked like something you’ve played before, and the characters didn’t stand out enough to make it look like anything special. MW2 characters like Soap and Captain Price weren’t mentioned, and the story so far appears to be “hey, the whole world is totally effed, so take control of a bunch of faceless guys and shoot people until everything is OK again.” (Jeff Gerstmann)

But to be honest, I'm looking forward to MW3. I'm not a COD obsessed high schooler but I do enjoy the campaigns and I've always been a sucker for over dramatic/epic military theatricals. MW3 comes out for consoles and PC on Nov. 8 2011

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  1. cant wait for this game!!!!
    its going to be awesome

  2. I hope the game wouldn't be "made for consoles in the first place" again, please release proper mod tools and free dedis.

  3. Never understood the draw of Modern Warfare after the first big one. BF3 is going to kick the shit out of this game.