Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama dead

Osama Bin Laden was killed last night or atleast we
were told he was. Aside from all the conspiracy stuff I guess the sense of justice and revenge is pretty awesome. Also, the head shot of Osama thats been passed around the internet over the last 6 hours or so is fake.


  1. I say it looks legit hahaha
    Was wonderful news to hear though.
    The question also to ask is whether the existence of osama was really a conspiracy

  2. Haha, yeah nice detective work! I didn't really think it would be real though...

  3. It was probably one of his millions of fakes. lol

  4. Yeah, the guy is dead and still we have no picks!

  5. HA, thanks for posting the fake pictures. I do find it sketch how they did not show pictures or any media PROVING the governmental claims to be true. America believes too much without questioning. Government lies, conceals, and covers up many things, that it's is absolutely ridiculous for us to put so much faith into it. There are goods and bads about the US government, so dont take me as a anarchist.